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More than three decades of experience have helped Peter Farey and Leaderskill Group produce questionnaires that are simple to understand, easy and fast to use, very user friendly, and profiles that are easy to understand and provide the Participant with practical information as to what they should consider changing in their behaviour.

Our entire suite of Leader/Manager and Custom Profiles are online and customisable as required. International or US spelling on request.

Giving feedback

The most usual example of 360 Facilitated® is Staff Feedback. In this case, you are a Staff or Team member asked to give feedback to your manager. There are 100 straightforward items that you can suggest your manager should do more or less of (360 Leader/Manager Profiles™ and some of our other questionnaires use the 40 'most used' items and include Peers if required).

These research-based questions define the twenty Areas of Behaviour based on the Leader/Manager Model. This covers the full range of People Leadership, Task Leadership, People Management and Task Management.

When you login, an introduction explains the purpose of the survey, emphasising that it is anonymous and confidential. It makes very clear that you are not appraising the Manager, but only suggesting more, less or the same of each of the behaviours.

Below you see some of the questions you meet. They form part of the People Management quadrant, and belong to the Area of Behaviour: Delegation and Trust.

My suggestions for change:

a lot less

a bit less

as now

a bit more

a lot more

Fully use staff members' present abilities

Delegate to develop staff's abilities

Involve staff in decisions affecting them


Comments may be added. Submitting your questionnaire enters it into the data base.

Entering respondents & processing the data

To set up his/her respondents, the Manager logs in to the Participant Control Centre and sends emails (with attached passwords) to each person. S/he can then monitor how many respondents have completed questionnaires (but can't see who said what). The survey Coordinator has permission to print the profile once complete. Anonymity is assured. As the authorised Consultant, internal or external, you can set up and run surveys via the Consultant Control Centre.

Other profiles such as Peer Feedback, Team and Self-Management Feedback or the 360 Leader/Manager Profile™ work in a similar way.

The Profile

A portion of a manager's Staff Feedback profile is shown below. The full profile is a state-of-the-art high quality PDF that can be printed at one click from the website. It includes:

  1. A radar showing the staff's suggestions for change compared to a circle of "no change"
  2. A prioritised summaries of the Areas of Behaviour
  3. The top items where change is suggested
  4. The raw scores (detail) of how people responded - anonymity is preserved
  5. Summary graphs for the four quadrants
  6. The list of comments.

Self and 'Bosses' are included, also Peers when these are part of the profile.

This high quality PDF is printed directly.

Sample of STAFF FEEDBACK detailed results page


Leader/Manager Guide

The comprehensive Leader/Manager Guide linked to the profile assists the manager to interpret the results and plan areas for change. A brief version is also available as well as a coaching workbook.

Note: all profiles and materials are available in international and US spelling.


When a group of managers or an organization wishes, it can process a benchmark and compare it against international norms. Later, the organization can rerun the program for the group and measure its performance. For further information see Articles.

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Our consultants are available to assist you with 360 Facilitated®, or you may choose to become accredited yourself. Click above to view options. We also invite you to use an instrument that will realistically assess your organisation's preparedness to undertake any program of 360 degree feedback.

NOTE. The 360 Leader/Manager Profile requires Level 1 Aaccreditation only. There is no requirement to set up and operate your own Custom Surveys from this website.

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